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Insurance For Hire versus Standard License Plates

 The DOT requires that all vehicles used For Hire carry a policy for 1.5 million in liability and 5 million if over 14 passengers. Most of the companies in the Triad skirt around this very serious legal requirement. Therefore, they are operating illegally and putting you and your loved ones at risk. We report every non-compliant vehicle to the DOT, DMV, and Guilford County Sheriff’s department, but have received very little support in stopping this violation. 14+ passenger vehicles also require a CDL license and a passenger endorsement. Several of our chauffeurs have these specific requirements, which allows us to handle the larger capacity vehicles and reservations. If you find a company with abnormally low rates (more than 10-20% below what we charge), I’d strongly encourage you to ask if they have For Hire tags on their cars. If they have any excuses or story for you other than a yes, please contact us so that we can explain the risks associated and so that we can report them to the proper authorities. They are usually only able to offer such low rates because they don’t have the added expense of the livery insurance and For Hire tags. You also must consider the other corners that the company may be cutting such as vehicle maintenance, driver selection,uniform requirements, etc. It’s your wedding, you take the risk. 

How does this affect me? I’m just comparing rates.

 Famous last words. If you were to rent an illegally operated and uninsured vehicle, you are putting your entire group at risk. If there were an accident and someone sustained injuries, their insurance would deny the claim since the vehicle was not insured for livery use. The company would be liable, but if they don’t have the few extra grand to get the proper licensing and insurance, do you honestly believe they’ll be able to cover a six figure medical bill? Because you signed the liability form to rent the limousine and you are also responsible for your own due diligence, the responsible party (or irresponsible party in this instance) would also be liable. They can actually take legal action against you and name you in the lawsuit. If you are renting this for your corporation, you are placing your job and the future of your employer at risk. Additionally, if you have alcohol in the vehicle and the limousine got pulled over, everyone in the vehicle receives an open container ticket and damages their criminal record since only For Hire vehicles with a proper partition are allowed to have alcohol in them. 

Can I come see your fleet

 If you ask a limo company to see their cars and they either hesitate or won’t allow you to view the cars, there is something seriously that they are hiding. I know of several companies in the Triad with fake photos on their website to mislead customers. That is highly unethical and should not be allowed. Their is nothing we can do to punish them, but they don’t seem to prosper even with all of their tricks. We’ve risen to the most highly respected limousine transportation company in the Triad for a reason. Don’t think you’re renting this; 

Can you price match


There’s simply no way to match what some of these guys will work for. When you factor in;

Some example figures

Average per hour costs to operate:
$20/hour fuel expense
$20 per hour driver pay
$20 per hour goes to insurance and vehicle maintenance (not to mention purchasing vehicles)

Is it even possible to send a limo out for $50 an hour and make a living? Not in a million years.

How can you properly run a company, hire excellent chauffeurs, have the proper licensing and coverage, maintain your fleet and compete with the guy who drives all of his own reservations because he’s a one man show, doesn’t keep his vehicles up to date, etc? The answer is you cannot.

Can you split up the hours?

 This is a lengthy answer, so rather than responding to emails that ask this question, our hope is that this will suffice. We do not intend to be rude by any means, but this is completely impossible. Given that we typically will have a 4-hour minimum unless it’s a special circumstance, we just can’t do this and still keep the doors open for the company. If we drop you off at your wedding at 6 and “come back and pick you up” (as people put it) at 10, that leaves us fewer than 4 hours to do anything else. There’s little to none chance that someone would want a limousine from 7-9…not in this market. You have essentially taken that vehicle away from us having the ability to make money with it for the evening. My driver will need to be on the clock the entire time. What’s he supposed to do? Get out of his suit, go home for an hour, not get paid, and come back. That would mean he committed his entire evening to your wedding and only get paid for two hours? No employer would do that and you wouldn’t do that at your current job. Now, if you have a need 6 hour apart or more, we can treat those as 2 separate reservations and you can pay for the hourly minimums likewise. Again, this post is truly intended to show you the reasoning behind the impossibility of this question, and not in any way meant to be rude. I can completely understand the logic going on in the mind of the consumer, but you must understand the logic from the business standpoint. We do appreciate your business, but we can’t take the loss. Either way, call us with your needs, and we can try to be creative and work with you depending on any circumstances that may benefit us both. 

Is my privacy protected?

 We do have a confidentiality agreement for all of our chauffeurs that prohibits them from discussing or divulging any information about our clients, reservations, details, photos, etc. Although we’re not shooting for the reputation of Vegas…What happens in the limousine, stays in the limousine. We know that many of our clients are well-respected professionals and are entitled to cut loose a bit with their friends without running the risk of embarrassment or slander. We have many VIPs from in and out of town that wish to just relax and enjoy an afternoon with friends, family, significant others, etc. Rest assured that we honor your right to privacy and treat that as sacred. 

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Who is driving my kids and / or wedding?


Have you seen some limousine drivers pulling up in jeans, gold chains, smoking, barely speaks English, still has their anklet on from house arrest? We see them all the time. It’s mainly a bunch of part-time limousine operators that should not be in such a luxury and prestigious service industry.

After serving nearly 13 years in the United States Marine Corps, I know what it means treat people with respect and precision. I select my chauffeurs based on a number of factors including their demeanor, how they look in a suit, charisma, professionalism, driving history, and a strong preference towards veterans. We do a background check and thoroughly train our chauffeurs on safety, etiquette, wedding logistics, funeral proceedings, etc. Although we cannot require a spiritual background, I can tell you that the chauffeurs that work with Royal Limousine do happen to be Christians as well.

I do pay my chauffeurs more than any other limousine company in the Triad and I do that because I want to bring on and keep a very tight loyal group. Esprit de Corps is vital to the strength, safety, and longevity of any corporation.

Minimum Hours


Is there a minimum number of hours?

We do typically have a 4 hour minimum on Saturday evenings. We will do wedding getaways, etc. that are shorter than 4 hours, but we do have to charge a bit extra to make it financially possible.

I just want a limo for one hour

Just to give some perspective…before your reservation, your chauffeur typically arrives to the office about 2 hours in advance to clean and prepare your vehicle. Then we have to drive to your location, perform your transportation service, and finally return home, refuel, and clean the vehicle, wash the glasses, remove trash, etc. About 3-4 hours of side work goes into every reservation, whether it’s 1 hour or 10. For this reason, it’s just not worth the time and expense to send out a car for that short of a time span. As far as staffing the chauffeurs for your reservation, you wouldn’t dress in a suit, come into work for one hour of pay and go home? Of course not. Please consider all of this when asking about your reservation

I’m just looking for the cheapest rate


With all of the choices out there in the Triad, you came across us. Either from a referral, your wedding coordinator, Google search, etc. You see the unique selection, from the Rolls Royce Phantom, Equus Ultimate Edition, 22 Passenger Hummer, British Double Decker Bus, and several other Lincolns, party buses, etc. What made you think that this would be the cheapest company? Cheap companies don’t purchase $400,000 vehicles. Cheap companies don’t provide quality service.

Although we do our best to stay competitive and reasonable, we’re simply not going to win over the consumer that’s only interested in the bottom line quote. Excellence and quality comes at a price. We would honestly rather have a vehicle sit in the parking lot at our office than to send it out for little to no profit. In our experience, those customers tend to cause the most problems. The “right” customers will understand where we are coming from and will actually appreciate our stance on that perspective.

Do I have to pay for the car while I’m in the club?

 It’s sad that we have to address this, but it does come up. Do you only pay for the minutes/hours that you actually are in your hotel room? Of course not. If you rent a limousine, you have taken that asset of our and used it for you and your friends for the evening. We cannot market that vehicle to other reservations. It is for your safety and best interest that we stay there and wait for you outside your event. We have had situations where someone planned to be at an event for 5 hours and ended up needing to leave after the second hour. We were right there waiting for them to take them home. We are not a point to point transportation company. That’s what taxi cab services are for. If your budget only allows for a taxi, call one. If you want to ride in luxury and class, give us a call. 

How early should I book?


A very common question is how far in advance should someone make a reservation.

The simple answer is…before the next person reserves your vehicle.

Because we specialize in weddings and wine tours and due to our unique selection of vehicles, we do book much further out than your typical limousine company. Don’t put off booking your company too late and end up with one of the lesser skilled and experienced companies handling your special day.

Capacity Restrictions


I have 12 people. Can I rent the 10 passenger limousine since it’s a few dollars cheaper?

Absolutely not! We will not allow more passengers than the vehicle is designed for. Recently a company in CA allegedly exceeded the passenger capacity and when a fire erupted, they were not able to evacuate the car efficiently and 5 people died. I will not put your family nor my livelihood at risk just so you can save a few dollars.

I just have kids riding. They are small so we should be able to fit more…right?

Wrong! These limitations are set by the manufacturer and recorded on our insurance policy. We cannot exceed those figures whether they are huge former NFL players or 5 year old kids. In fact, we recommend that you pick a vehicle larger than the number in your party for comfort. You can definitely have 10 people in a 10 passenger vehicle, but it does feel full. If you are on a tight budget, it’s your call, but understand that it isn’t ideal.