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According to Talk Local, the price range estimate when choosing a prom ride is this:

Type Cost Per Hour             Maximum 

SUV $75                                     3-4

Limo $130                                 6-10

Party Bus $170                           24

Stretched Hummer $185          20

Vintage Rolls Royce $200          2 


  • Birthday parties
  • Engagement parties
  • Bachelor and bachelorette parties
  • Black-tie events
  • Weddings
  • Proms
  • Wine tastings
  • City tours
  • Concerts
  • Graduations

Miss Limousine Rental Agreement

limo service

Detail of your services contract

 Miss Limousine LLC will be referred to as ML for the purposes of this contract. All deposits are NON refundable. Cancellations within 7 days of the reservation will be liable for the full balance due. ML is not liable in the event of mechanical breakdown while on charter and will only be responsible for making up lost time at a mutually agreed date. We reserve the right to supply an alternate vehicle(s) to fulfill a reservation due to mechanical failure. The client assumes full financial liability for any damage to the limousine by them or any members of their party to include loss of revenue if the damage is sufficient to place the vehicle out of service. The client/customer waives any and all claims against ML or any agent or employee for injury, loss, or damages including consequences of damages to customer and passengers person or property from any cause or however occurring. Customer hereby acknowledges that no driver or employee of RL has the authority to negotiate pricing, times, itinerary, etc. without approval from management. If, for any reason, there is a problem with the reservation, customer agrees to mediation/arbitration at their expense with a non-biased attorney firm prior to making any slanderous or libelous statements about RL to any person, social media, review forum, or in any other manner that might negatively impact ML. Failure to do so will result in a $3,000 breach of contract 

 Fines billable to customer per occurrence:

Smoking in vehicle


·         Smoking in vehicle $200 per and every seat/carpet burn

·         Sanitation fee is $250 for any vomiting or other sickness

·         Missing/broken glasses $10

·         Spills $30



The driver has the right to terminate any reservation without refund if he/she feels unsafe, if there is dangerous behavior, illegal activity or immoral activities that might negatively impact ML. Overage begins 15 minutes into the next hour past the time listed on the run sheet and billable in one  

hour increments. ML is not responsible for belongings left in the limousine. Balances are to be settled no later than the beginning of the run. Vehicles cannot be loaded beyond seating capacity. If no gratuity was given to the chauffeur and not included in the rate quoted, 20% will automatically be applied to the card on file when the ride is closed out in our system.

Thank you for choosing Royal Luxury and thank you in advance for any referrals and positive feedback/reviews 

City Walking Tour limo in Greensboro


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A unique walking tour of the City with time to enjoy lunch and shopping too! Maximize your sightseeing with this exceptional tour.